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Exquisite selections of Turkish Cuisine - all refined ! So Turkish !

'Bold flavors ! Enchanted presentations ! With %100 authentic Turkish ingredients - anything and everything prepared uniquely - built on the traditional recipes and fundamentals of Turkish Food Heritage gifted to us by our ancestors. Perfectly blended with unsurpassable ambiance & atmosphere setup in restaurant facilities, our commitment to quality, service, and a passion to create a warm and engaging service creates a unique atmosphere where Turkish dining experience is taken to new heights'

Delectable selections of authentic Turkish Cuisine -
immense into the rich textures and bold taste of Anatolia !

The perfect harmony of the Mediterrenean & Anatolian food heritage inherited from our ancestors with futuristic compositions, in which traditional cooking techniques meet the precious gifts of our motherland. Sprouts turn into leaves, cattles turn into matured living creatures - and all creates a form of understanding of the appreciation - an appreciation that creates the story behind the most traditional flavors served at Grand bazaar.

The true parade of taste, flavor and colors from Anatolian Motherland !

We knew the responsibility of creating outstanding flavors in every plate would have been a challenge - but would not be too difficult if we had the most natural ingredients.
Therefore - our business partners, local farms and farmers in Turkey, select every matured & ripe ingredients as per our standards and carefully ship them to Grand Bazaar.
First, you will be fascinated by textures and colors of presentations - and then the taste will captivate your soul at each bite.

The pinnacle of authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria - all baked to
perfection in oak-wood fired Italian Oven !

Perfectly matured Neaploitan dough, crisp Neapolitan crust - delicious thin base and mesmerizing pizza sauce recipe - all made of %100 authentic Italian ingredients ! Baked to perfection and smoked in oak-wood fired  Acunto Napoli specialty pizza oven - Grand Bazaar brings the pinnacle of specialty Neapolitan Pizza experience to Dubai.

A sophisticated twist on the authentic Turkish BBQ style of informal eating !

Opening in Dubai in 2021, Grand Bazaar has established itself as an  award winning Turkish stalwart in the heart of the Media Production Zone at Me’aisem City Center. Under the overall direction of Group Executive Chef and Managing Partner, Grand Bazaar presents a truly cosmopolitan experience for the most discerning of culinary crowds with a desire for an authentic, thoughtful and contemporary Turkish casual dining experience.

The most renowned Turkish Breakfast in Dubai made of
%100 authentic Turkish ingredients !

The precious & generous gifts from our mainland and from the creatures living above ! The true  parade of taste, flavor and  colors ! The authentic Turkish Breakfast comprises of numerous selections of eggs, dairy products, olives,cold cuts & bakery with true Grand Bazaar uniqueness - makes it impeccable and difficult to resist !



You can make a reservation by calling us using the phone number below or by filling the online reservation form.


Me’aisem City Center, IMPZ (International Media Production Zone), Dubai/UAE


@. manager@turkishgrandbazaar.ae
 t.  +971 58 588 2669
 l.  +971 4 568 28 45


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